Our Impact

Opportunity International Australia helps people living in poverty in developing countries catch a break.  Through small loans, their microfinance programs help people leave poverty behind by offering them a sustainable solution – a small business that enables them to earn a regular income and provide food, water, shelter and an education for their children. 

How big was the AskU community impact? 

By letting our fingers do the walking and answering daily questions, we were able to give Opportunity International Australia enough money to fund the equivalent of around 175 small loans.  However, there is no saying just how many people this money will impact given that 97% of loans are repaid and then given to another individual or family in need.  Not a bad turn around! As a community, this is an achievement we should feel very proud of.

The key to AskU community success is strength in numbers.  By answering questions on a regular basis and working as a team, we can reach our charity goal that much sooner.

Tell me more…

Before Opportunity International Australia stepped in, Yankurius was struggling to support his family and maintain the small plot of land he had inherited from his parents. For many farmers, harvest season is the only time of the year when they are able to produce any income. This means that for the other 6-9 months, they are left struggling to provide for their families on the little income made during the harvest, and they are often unable to buy enough fertiliser for their next crop.

A small loan for Yankurius changed all that, allowing him to purchase seedlings and fertiliser to plant a flourishing crop and earn the income he needs to provide for his young family.

For Myrna, a small loan meant she was able to create a better life for herself and her daughter Patricia.  With the money she received, she was able to purchase the seeds and tools to start her own small vegetable farm.  The farm is now able to support her family, providing them with not only the basics but even enough money to buy toys for her daughter.

Author: Rachel Fowler

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